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Female Students

Emerge from Lockdown Back on Track

Learn all you'll need to ace your next class

Our Emerge From Lockdown course is designed to assess a student's individual strengths and weaknesses, and find out what topics they have learned sufficiently, and then teach them any standard topics from that course that they might have missed, or not been taught completely.

  • Find out what they know

  • Match it to what they should've been taught/what prerequisites they will need to know for next year

  • Bring their skills up to A-standard for their class level or beyond

Fill In Lockdown Gaps

Students learned 50-70% less than what they would have in a normal year, on average. They'll still need that knowledge going forward, and the classes and fields they want to enter won't be have any less content, just because everyone didn't get as much of a chance to learn them this year. Give your student back what they'd lost, plus an added boost of confidence in their skills with an introduction to the concepts they'll be learning next year. Feeling behind in your education is a hard place to find yourself, but it doesn't have to stay that way. They can gain those skills and that confidence back and more.

You can sign up for the course now, or find out more information by call or text at: 949 - 439 - 1245

Our Services

Scheduling of classes may vary according to availability, some price packages may only be available if sufficient attendance for the specific course offering is met. If a course is not available at a specific price level, an equivalent level of instruction will be offered based on the student's availability and the parent's approval. We will not take your money if your needs for the time and availability of the class are not met. Your satisfaction and your child's success are our resume!

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