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Test Prep

Better Test-Prep Built For You, Specifically

I've taught big classes for private academies, started SAT programs at non-profit public community programs, written SAT and ACT curriculum for private learning companies, and all the while, tutored my own private 1-on-1 students, and for 15 years, having been testing, refining, and building my own repertoire of SAT resources and teaching techniques. I have the skills, experience and insight to build an SAT curriculum around you, based on everything I've taught, and learned, and seen developed in this arena. 

SAT Preparation- 

I assess a student's starting level and skills in several areas and build a custom curriculum around their needs. Whether your student needs more help in math, verbal, or test-taking, and time-management strategies, my techniques will train them to meet those challenges, and use their prep time most effectively. I can also address some of the causes and experiences of test anxiety, which I know can affect many students, and hold them back from feeling like they're able to get their best score.

ACT Preparation- 
Although the SAT and ACT have become more similar to each other in the past several years, there are still distinct aspects of the ACT that require their own, specific approach to teaching. The ACT science section demands a specific approach to its combination of numerical analysis and reading comprehension that requires its own, dedicated approach.


Private high school entrance exams have a difficulty all their own, and it helps to have an instructor who has taught in preparation for these tests, specifically. Graduate school entrance exams too, have their own specific quirks and difficulties, and you want an instructor with specific, relevant, up-to-date knowledge and experience with these tests.

SAT Small Group Prep Class

16 - 24hr classes over 4-8 weeks

Interaction with peers can boost engagement, enhance learning and retention, and raise issues and insights that would not be available otherwise for some students. With no more than four students in each class, everyone participates, and everyone gets their questions answered.

Online SAT Small Group Class -

For those students still maintaining a stricter level of quarantine restriction, the 4-student online SAT class allows for thorough participation by all students. Every student will be called on, and constant engagement and interaction is maintained. Whatever your need, whatever your question, the dynamic is maintained so that students feel no question is too small to ask, and be answered to their satisfaction.


Extra Sessions -

For students who need just a bit of extra help in a particular area, additional 1-on-1 sessions are available for all students who sign up for either the in-person, or online small group class. My goal is for you learn everything you possibly can in the best way for you on your journey to achieving your top score.

One-to-One Test Preparation Programs                                      Small Group Classes
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