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Reed helped me get ready for the math portion of the GRE. He was an amazing tutor.

To give you some background, statistics was the last math class I had taken. It was 5 years ago. Before that had taken only high school geometry and algebra, which was over 12,years ago. So needless to say, I was basically starting from scratch. Reed was patient, understanding, and put together a plan of action for each tutoring session. I appreciated that he didn't waste my time, we focused on the math. He is great at explaining complex ideas and relating them to concepts I am more familiar with.  

Although I don't think it is possible to be 100% prepared for the GRE, I felt confident going into it. My score was high enough to get me into literally every graduate school I applied to. Obviously there is more to a college application than your GRE score, but it can be the reason why your application gets looked past. I needed help with the math portion, and Reed was able to get me to a point where I wasn't overwhelmed by every problem that came my way. He has this sense of mastery over these concepts, like even the most complex problem is nothing for him. And he was able to get me to a similar place over the course of a few months.

I would highly recommend Reed as a GRE tutor. Feel free to contact me through Yelp if you have any questions.

Jason S.


Reed has been working with our daughter, a junior at Lowell, since last summer. He is always reliable, flexible and customizes lessons to his students' needs. He was able to focus on our daughter's math, her weakness. He is knowledgeable on a range of subjects, very patient and approachable. He was able to help with SAT and the ACT. We are very pleased with her test performance and credit Reed for her improvement. Thank you Reed!

— valerie H.


Reed understands high school academics, high school kids, and high school tests. He skillfully combines these areas of expertise into fast deep and comprehensive learning. Going to public school? that's ok, Reed can be your tutor and teach you everything you need for good grades and high scores in a fraction of the time and discomfort of school.

Taylor E.

Reed comes up with new material every week and is more than willing to help me review what I needed to work on. I took the SAT, ACT, and SAT 2  and Reed was available every session to help me improve my scores. He's also patient and cracks jokes to make the tutoring sessions not seem as boring as other places.”

Denise C.


Reed is helping my daughter prep for the upcoming SAT test on an individual tutoring basis (twice per week). He is very analytical and customizes his curriculum to the needs of the student. She took the SAT as a 10th grader so we have a baseline. She has since taken three SAT practice tests and has scored progressively higher on each. Reed is now concentrating on her "problem" areas which include specific areas of Geometry and certain types of mathematical word problems. She enjoys working with Reed, is very impressed with his intellect and how personable he is.  She positively comments that the work is evenly divided with tasks, explanations, exercises and demonstrations by each of them and once in a while, a joke. She also advised that if her high school Physics teacher taught like Reed, she would learn so much more! He is patient, explains things in a way that his student understands, calm, truly cares about the student and is enthusiastic. We are very impressed with Reed Kellner and have recommended several other students.

— Carol N.


My wife, Monica has received tutoring from Reed for the past 2 months. Throughout her work with him, she has felt more confident in her ability to solve the math on the GRE. He has been supportive and kind in his approach. He has broken down the concepts in ways that were straightforward and clear. A great GRE tutor for anyone who struggles with the Quantitative Reasoning section!

—Jean C.

Reed has been working with my daughter twice a week for the past 2 months and we are so happy about the decision to invest in his tutoring services. We have seen not only great improvements in the practice test, but also a rise in her confidence and readiness to take the SAT test.
He came highly recommended from friends who had used his services and saw great improvements with their kids. As my daughter says 'Reed is an excellent tutor. I like that he took time to know me and understand the areas where I am not consistent before jumping into the work. He pays close attention to those areas where I am the least consistent, and now thanks to him I can tie many concepts together that I had forgotten about. He has helped me bring together lots of math concepts that I did not know how to connect without memorization and without repetitive stuff. And the best part of that somehow he always has a good answer for questions I asked and connect them to the work we do'.
As a parent, I see Reed as a tutor with great knowledge, flexibility, understanding and enthusiasm. I will recommend him for any student and families seeking help for SAT prep in the San Francisco Area.

-Estela G.

I saw another tutor for six months of 1-on-1 SAT tutoring sessions, but I still was not able to achieve my target score. I signed up for tutoring with Reed, and I was able to score 150 points higher on top of the best I had gotten after working with the previous tutor.

-Jane S.

I struggled for years with graphing, asking multiple people to explain the fundamentals of it and still I couldn't grasp the idea. In one session Reed explained it fully and not only do I now understand but I also excel at it. He is very accommodating to work around my math schedule especially when I skip back and forth in my book. Working with him is literally the best money I ever spent and worth every penny to help secure my future. I recommend him to everyone I know that needs help in the field of math.

-Celia S.

Reed is an exceptional tutor! Within the first six weeks, I saw an improvement in my son’s Math ability and an increase in his SAT score. With Reed’s positive approach to teaching and learning, I’ve also noticed a difference in my son’s attitude towards learning and I very pleased.


-Ayana M

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