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I've been getting students into elite colleges, and getting them excellent grades for 15 years.
Gaining an advantage through skill-boost classes, private tutoring, or standardized test prep, I've been training students in techniques that have given them the scores and achievements they've needed to earn admission into the very selective institutions they've wanted, and boost they're grades in their classes and standardized test scores with the most proven and well-tested methods gained over the course of my career, and also the most proven and up-to-date methods being made available by new technologies and resources becoming available.
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Are students’ math struggles during the COVID-19 pandemic completely unprecedented? Yes and no.

Disruption in schools has also meant disruption in testing, so it’s been hard to pin down exactly how much the school closures and transitions in and out of virtual learning have affected students’ learning—but the evidence so far doesn’t bode well, particularly in math.

Different Students 
Require Different
Approaches to Learning

Having taught at multiple institutions, and with hundreds of individual tutoring students over the years, I have learned that no two student's needs, and strengths, and challenges are exactly alike. Everyone requires their own specific approach to learn most effectively, and it is the teacher's job, the tutor's job--every instructor's job, to figure out how to get them to the goal of understanding and success the way that student is best able to understand.

My Educational Philosophy

My first job is to listen to every student, in their educational journey, if I am careful in my observations of their work and their challenges, they will teach me how THEY need to be taught.

Building Students' Skills Back up to Standards
Top College Entrance Exam Prep, Full Student Participation

Schools' adaptations to the pandemic have left students in a precarious situation that they can't individually do anything about. Schools are simply teaching less, and this has left students in a worse position.

 With experience in teaching and tutoring students in traditional grade- and subject-level standards, we can bring them back up to standard year skills levels and more--like the deficits of distance learning never happened.

With 15 years of getting students into the best and most elite colleges, having designed curricula and taught test prep classes for the last decade and a half, I have now begun to offer individual tutoring and small-group classes online. With no more than four students per class, each student participates and is easily able to have their questions thoroughly addressed.

  Interacting with two or three other students can allow for questions to be answered, and ideas to be developed that would not be possible without this facilitated peer interaction.

Student Test Scores Drop in Math Since Covid-19 Pandemic


American children started school this fall significantly behind expectations in math, and modestly behind in some grades in reading, according to one of the first reports on widely used tests since the coronavirus pandemic shut schools in March...


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     Reed helped me get ready for the math portion of the GRE. He was an amazing tutor.


Reed understands high school academics, high school kids, and high school tests. He skillfully combines these areas of expertise into fast deep and comprehensive learning. Going to public school? that's ok, Reed can be your tutor and teach you everything you need for good grades and high scores in a fraction of the time and discomfort of school.


He is always reliable, flexible and customizes lessons to his students' needs.


     I took the SAT, ACT, and SAT 2 and Reed was available every session to help me improve my scores. He's also patient and cracks jokes to make the tutoring sessions not seem as boring as other places.






—Jason S. from San Francisco, CA

— Taylor E. from San Francisco, CA

— Valerie H. from San Francisco, CA

— Denise C. from San Francisco, CA

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